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We received a report from Martin along with some pictures that we want to share:

After a year of studying with Soledad she decided she could no longer wait. She said, "I can't wait any longer and she was baptized on Oct. 23, 2016. After attending the first church service, Soledad's daughter said to her, "Mom, I don't know if you will be able to come again but I want to be here from now on." Martin told Soledad, "Now I understand the name of the little girl." The girl's name is Milagros (miracles). Martin says that this kind of conversion is very encouraging to him.

On Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016 Roberto Lara conducted the wedding ceremony for Gerardo Vanegas & Claudia.

We had some travel funds left over from our trip to Mexico in March last year that we left with Roberto and Martin. They were able to install some ceiling fans in the apartment we built above the fellowship hall at the church in Moroleon. They were also able to purchase Bibles. In the picture above Robert (right) is delivering some of the Bibles to Thomas & Eva Collin at Ocampo.

Picture below: Many of the ladies missed the wedding on Oct. 29 to attend a Women's Meeting held at the North Morelia congregation.


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